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Wedding Canopy

Looking for something different on your Wedding day ? If so you should consider saying "I Do" underneath our Wedding Canopy. Our Canopy is great way to add a unique touch to your Civil Ceremony making it intimate and attractive at the same time. The Wedding Canopy is 12ft in diameter, so plenty of space for you, your partner to be and the Celebrant. The item is also adjustable in height and will fit in almost every venue. Civil ceremonies are becoming more and more popular so this item is great way to make your day stand out from the rest. The Canopy can also be complimented by a dressed table, throne chairs and aisle runner. Our Canopy can also be personalised with different colour material and selection tie back ranging from floral to minimal.

Benefits of Booking our Canopy

  • It will add style and sophistication

  • Create a focal point in the room focusing on your ceremony

  • Great for everlasting photographs

  • Creates a talking point amongst your guests

  • Compliments any Venue

  • Adds a warm enclosure for your vows

  • Creates an intimate setting to say "I Do"

That's just a few reasons to consider booking our Wedding Canopy to style your Vows. After all they say the Ceremony is the most important part.

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