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Mood Lighting

Set the Mood with Chic Events mood lighting. When our mood lighting is added to your venue it will create a magical atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. Our mood lighting will transform your wedding venue into a fairytale setting with a colour palette that will perfectly tie in with your wedding theme. Mood lighting is a great way to add a visual impact at low cost.

Light it up

Our mood lighting will be placed around the walls of your venue to give off a soft glow, our design team will also strategically place our mood lighting units beside architectural structures such as pillars, alcoves and backdrops to achieve the greatest impact. Let Chic Events "Light it Up"

LED Technology

Our mood lighting units use LED technology, which means they never heat up or get warm. Our professional lighting units can be placed beside fabrics including backdrops and curtains without worry. We only hire the worlds leading brands when it comes to our stock, bringing our clients piece of mind and quality products.

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