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Table Skirting

Adding skirting to your tables is a great way to hide boring hotel tables and complete your room dressing. Our types of skirting can be added to your Cake table, top table or banquet tables. Fully dressed tables will disguise the hotel tables at your venue making them look brand new. 

Top Table

Our Top Table Skirt is made from the exact same material as our Wedding Backdrop, and when combined they both create a stunning effect. Our Top Table Skirt can spread 23ft in length and twinkles in sync with our Backdrop. Our top table skirting also uses fibre optic technology which creates the ultimate wedding atmosphere. The top table skirting compliments our backdrop perfectly and is a great add on feature for photographs.

Cake Table

A Wedding Cake is a huge talking point of your big day. Guests will flock around your cake taking both photos and videos for social media. We recommend that you wrap your Cake table with our elegant skirt that will ensure you present your Wedding Cake beautifully.

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