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Flowerwall Backdrop for photos

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

Our luxurious Flowerwall is a blend of soft pastel shades that will fit in perfectly with almost any wedding theme. Our Flowerwall is an ideal centre piece that creates a perfect backdrop for memorable photographs with you and your guests. This wall can be enhanced with one of our neon signs making it a modern marval that your guests will adore. Our Flowerwall is 8ft x 8ft this ensures plenty of room to fit numerous guests in for photographs.

So why choose a Flowerwall ?

A Flowerwall is a stylish and mordern decoration that guests can take photos in front of. This choice is far less intrusive that a photo booth or magic mirror as it's set up the morning of the event. The Flowerwall is becoming the new photo booth. All your guests take instant photos with their own camera phones and upload them straight to social media. This cuts out the interuption of someone setting up a photo booth or mirror. Guests can also take photos as they please as the wall is there for the complete duration of the wedding.

It's a much more stylish and affordable option.

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